SustainSolar proudly supports a Solar PV installation at the NEX- Indawo Yethu Centre.

SustainSolar is honoured to have supported HOPE Cape Town with the installation of the SolarPV system at The Nex – indawo yethu (Delft, Cape Town). The project was successfully launched on the 3rd of December by Dr Alan Wide, Premier of the Western Cape and German Cooperation counterparts. The Nex aims to support the development of a more balanced society, by nurturing the capabilities of people, particularly children and youth in under-resourced communities. The project is being implemented in three phases to build a campus with community-targeted activities such as (i) early childhood development (ECD), (ii) wellness centre for HIV/AIDS healthcare and outreach, and Social Services, (iii) a vocational training and education centre for young adults, (iv)a youth development centre for after school activities, (v) an entrepreneurial hub as well as various open-air spaces for community activities.

Drop image of the NEX – INdawo Yethu in Delft Cape Town

This project will play a catalytic role in developing under-resourced and previously marginalised communities in line with Hope Cape Town’s mission in South Africa.  SustainSolar installed a 10kWp solar PV and 29,6 kWh battery solar system for the Bavarian House, enabling the facility to not have a low carbon footprint from the solar energy, but also have back-up power during load shedding and continue its activities. The installation was generously sponsored by HOPE Cape Town Trustee, Advocate Martin Hörnig, was successfully commissioned before the handover to Rev Fr Stefan Hippler and Dr Izane Reyneke in September 2021. Furthermore, the equipment was a combination of donations from SMA (which donated both the PV and battery inverters), SolarMD and SolarWorld which provided a significant discount on both the batteries and PV modules respectively.

Both the Bavarian House and health centre (La Maison de Christof) are fully operational and are already serving the surrounding community.  Phase 2 the project entails the construction of the early childhood (ECD) centre expected to start soon.

SustaiSolar would like to take the opportunity to thank the Hope Cape Town for trusting us with the SolarPV installation and wishing much future success with both running the center and the many lives who will be impacted positively through the centre services.

HOPE Cape Town is a not-for-profit organisation with a community outreach base in Delft that aims to raise the quality of life of people and communities. Primarily children, adolescents, and their families in situations of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and related illnesses who make up the core clients of the organisation. HOPE Cape Town has operated a community outreach centrer in Blikkiesdorp, Delft for more than a decade and has become well-known for its community-centricity in the delivery of services and programmes.

The HOPE Cape Town Container Village and the people of Blikkiesdorp will be resettled soon due to the airport expansion in Cape Town. Together with other semi-permanent locations like Malawi Camp and Freedom Farm. In anticipation of the move, and to guarantee a smooth transition of all services in the area, the organisation has decided to assemble all services in this area in a newly established space to strengthen interconnectedness and intercommunication with surrounding communities, “The Nex – Indawo Yethu”.

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