SustainSolar Products

Our containerised, modular, pre-installed solar systems equipped with top-quality solar PV modules and electronics including lithium-ion batteries come in three standardised yet adjustable product configurations from small to large to suit your turnkey clean energy needs. Our production system and assembly facility are geared to handle once-off projects and large scale roll-outs of mini-grids alike. Choose your product below or contact us for a custom-built solution.



A modular and mobile solar generator including the innovative retractable accordion-style EXOrac engineered by Swiss PWRstation, an industrial-class racking system that offers ultra-rapid activation - within minutes. Extremely flexible and scalable, from 5 kWp to megawatt size, the Sustain Flex™ is suitable to a wide range of applications.



All solar modules, structures, batteries, and electronics are pre-installed and packed inside a standard ISO 20 ft shipping container for safe and easy transport. Equipped with up to 30 kWp and 100 kWh of storage, the Sustain Compact™ includes all equipment, tools, ladder, and installation manual for turnkey installation.



Servicing larger power requirements, packaged in one or more 40 ft shipping containers, the Sustain Extended™ offers bespoke and modular configurations. Housing electronics for up to hundreds of kilowatts and battery storage in the megawatt hour range, it is ideal for larger mini-grids and commercial hybrid systems.



The Sustain Storage™ product range is a turn-key, fully integrated and modular, AC-coupled containerized battery energy storage system (BESS) with optional PV integration. Designed together with our technology partners, our product range is applicable to both off-grid and grid-tied energy storage requirements.