SustainSolar launches Emergency Intervention Off-Grid Solar Unit to fight Covid-19

At a time when governments and health organizations are calling for increased capacity for testing and treatment in response to the coronavirus pandemic, SustainSolar launches a special campaign to provide clean electrification solutions to help fight the virus across Africa.

Despite the challenges from COVID-19 lockdown, special efforts are being invested into the African solar industry supply chain, and promising discussions with clients in neighbouring countries to support the roll-out of off-grid power supply to healthcare facilities are in progress. R&D activities are now focusing on incorporating medical equipment into rapidly deployable containerized solar systems.

In order to overcome the barriers of time, affordability and reliability, which prevent vulnerable populations across the developing world from accessing healthcare, SustainSolar has been working with partners in the medical field to develop a containerized solution that will energize existing fixed clinics and healthcare facilities or underpowered temporary installations. This initiative is supported by SustainSolar’s technology partners Tesvolt, SMA, Solar MD

Unreliable energy access often results in the spoiling of medication and vaccines as well as the inability to use equipment for diagnosis and treatment. According to the World Health Organization, even where equipment is available, power and personnel may not be. Nations such as Nigeria, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, suffer from a lack of reliable electricity and many health care facilities across the continent depend on diesel-powered generators – yet some can’t afford refuelling and maintenance.

Deployable in a matter of days, the containerized emergency intervention unit has been designed to harvest the sun’s energy and can be used to power healthcare facilities in urban, rural, and remote communities alike. The continuity of service after sunset will be assured thanks to the installation of a battery storage system within the unit.

SustainSolar containerized PV systems have been successfully deployed in two African countries and have enjoyed smooth operations since their commissioning over a year ago. With an average design life of 35 years, these units are reliable and can perform in the most remote and harsh environments in Africa. Securing the supply of its emergency intervention units and gearing up to offer large quantities to respond to the crisis, SustainSolar will be offering a special discount to healthcare groups, international organizations, NGOs, local governments and other entities involved in fighting the spread of the disease.

Headquartered in South Africa, SustainSolar focuses on business development across French and English-speaking African countries with current business activities in numerous Sub-Saharan countries.

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