Why SustainSolar

SustainSolar provides containerised, high-quality, durable solutions for sustainable power generation. Designed and manufactured in Africa, with world-class components, for the remote, demanding locations of our clients.




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SustainSolar Applications

The flexible design and modular configuration make SustainSolar solutions suitable for many applications that require decentralised, clean and dependable power supply. If you don't find your application below contact us and we will design a tailor-made solution with you.

Ideal for rural electrification carried out by communities, governments, utilities, NGOs, and mini-grid developers. Rapid installation, shorter project time lines, lower implementation risk. Turnkey solution, streamlined installation.

Suitable for isolated mining and industrial operations, as well as telecom infrastructure. Save costs on fuel. Decrease risk of diesel  theft. Reduce environmental impact. Modular, flexible solution, with rapid deployment.

A solution for lodges, farms, and remote locations with no or limited access to grid power. Clean, independent, silent. High quality, durable system, quick to install, easy to relocate.

Designed for temporary and mobile use in  emergency response, defense, humanitarian, and other non-permanent applications. Highly mobile, easy to set up and break down, robust and reliable.

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SustainSolar Products

Our containerised, modular, pre-installed solar systems equipped with top-quality solar PV modules and electronics including lithium-ion batteries come in three standardised yet adjustable product configurations from small to large to suit your turnkey clean energy needs. Our production system and assembly facility are geared to handle once-off projects and large scale roll-outs of mini-grids alike. Choose your product below or contact us for a custom-built solution.



All solar modules, structures, batteries, and electronics are pre-installed and packed inside a standard ISO 20 ft shipping container for safe and easy transport. Equipped with up to 30 kWp and 100 kWh of storage, the Sustain Compact includes all equipment, tools, ladder, and installation manual for turnkey installation.



Servicing larger power requirements, packaged in one or more 40 ft shipping containers, the Sustain Extended offers bespoke and modular configurations. Housing electronics for up to hundreds of kilowatts and battery storage in the megawatt hour range, it is ideal for larger mini-grids and commercial hybrid systems.



The Sustain Storage™ product range is a turn-key, fully integrated and modular, AC-coupled containerized battery energy storage system (BESS) with optional PV integration. Designed together with our technology partners, our product range is applicable to both off-grid and grid-tied energy storage requirements.



A free-standing turn-key cabinet, integrated with a Sunsynk hybrid inverter and Solar MD LFP batteries. Ideal for small storage applications such as off-grid electrification of rural health clinics, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) / back-up power, as well as self-consumption optimisation.



A modular and mobile solar generator including the innovative retractable accordion-style EXOrac engineered by Swiss PWRstation, an industrial-class racking system that offers ultra-rapid activation - within minutes. Extremely flexible and scalable, from 5 kWp to megawatt size, the Sustain Flex is suitable to a wide range of applications.

Technical Specifications

Light-weight, quick and easy mounting structure with optimised ground ballasting and mounting points on top of the container provide shade and space efficiency.

Exceptional engineering and manufacturing capabilities transform ISO containers into sophisticated, tough and insulated turnkey equipment packages.

Providing live informatics on system health and performance with daily reporting and early warning notifications. Equipped with remote monitoring of all equipment and local weather information.

Improved intelligence for the management of multiple sites, optimising the performance of each individual site based on historical load and forecasted weather information.

A carefully selected range of battery brands and technologies are available to provide solutions to various budget and application requirements.

Power electronics, such as PV and battery inverters, remote monitoring, hybrid and mini-grid controllers from leading manufacturers with excellent service and support.

Leading high performance solar modules using latest PERC cell technology, offering 10-year product and 20-year performance warranties.

Latest News

Delivering Sustainable Remote Power to Dohoue Community: ENGIE Energy Access’ First Mini-Grid in Benin 

Our heartfelt thanks to the ENGIE Energy Access team for selecting SustainSolar’s turnkey power system to help electrify Dohoue community in the Zogbodomey (Benin). SustainSolar supplied a 90 kW/130 kWh ...

Empowering Health: SUSTAIN BOXES™ Lighting the Way for Malawi’s Clinics 

Installed during late 2022 and early 2023 by International Power Control Systems (IPCS), the SUSTAIN BOXTM systems powering these two health clinics have to date provided off-grid renewable power with ...

SustainSolar and Equatorial Power Bring Life-Saving Solar Power to Off-Grid Health Clinics in Uganda

In remote communities of Uganda’s Lake Victoria region, innovative solutions are required to help those in need. Recognising this reality, SustainSolar and Equatorial Power have successfully electrified five off-grid health ...

What our clients say

Rick Armstrong

Global Missions Team, PeachTree, Malawi

SustainSolar was instrumental to the success of Peachtree Church's project, which was to provide power to a secondary school campus in Sokola, Malawi. They were professional, knowledgeable and timely in carrying out their role, which was to help determine specifications for the required components and then to assemble, pre-wire and pre-test the solar system prior to its being transported to Sokola from Cape Town, SA. READ MORE

Aran Eales

Electronic and Electrical Engineer, United Purpose, Malawi

SustainSolar are experts in the field of solar solutions for Africa. Their technical knowledge is comprehensive, putting a minigrid developer’s mind at ease that the generation system is designed and assembled to world class standards and will stand the test of time operating in adverse conditions. Our project has benefitted immeasurably from the professionalism, technical knowhow, and comprehensive solar expertise offered by the team at Sustain Solar, and the impact of these skills will be felt in rural African communities through the robust and sustainable solar PV systems installed there.

Kenyi Emmanuel Dube

Electrical Technician for Eye Radio

Eye Radio is a national independent broadcaster that informs, entertains and educates millions of south Sudanese across the country. We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful and excellent Job SustainSolar did by installing one of the best systems in the country. We are currently operating 19 hours a day on the PV system, this has improved our operation in the cost of previously running a diesel generator from 24 hours to only 5 hours a day.